Ein Mitarbeiter der BLG hat in der einen Hand ein Handy und in der anderen hält er ein Messgerät

With BLG Freight Quality Tracking you always know the condition of your goods.

A truck transport can take a long time. The distance is not the main problem. What costs time and nerves, above all, are the elaborate formalities that all participants have to deal with. Not only the drivers are struggling with the paper mountains every day, but also the sender and receiver of the goods have to prepare or process documents. Together with Daimler Trucks, BLG LOGISTICS has developed a cloud-based platform that displays all the data of an order in real time. Via an app, all involved parties always have access to the state of affairs. The trick: the IT solution does not need any hardware installed in the truck. A smartphone or a PC with Internet access is sufficient for the use of LOGBIRD.

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